Wheel Stud Conversion - M12x1.50

Wheel Stud Conversion - M12x1.50

Wheel stud conversion kit for cars that were originally equipped with wheel bolts, allowing you to use open-ended wheel nuts instead.

If your car uses M12x1.50 wheel bolts, you can use this conversion kit and fit a set 326POWER wheel nuts.

Fitting is easy; simply screw them into your hub using an allen drive (we'd suggest applying a dab of thread lock to each stud when doing so).

The threaded section for the wheel nuts measures 55mm in length, so you must use these in conjunction with open-ended wheel nuts (such as 326POWER wheel nuts).

The studs are priced individually, so please add the number that you require to your shopping cart (16 studs for cars with 4-stud PCD, 20 studs for cars with 5-stud PCD).

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